Skype & Interview Tips

Skype & Interview Tips

  1. Taking the call on a computer is generally ideal, but if using a phone or tablet, be sure the device is sitting stable and in a landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  1. Look at the camera on your device, it looks a lot better!
  1. Try to minimize traffic on your wifi network, that results in a better call experience. Quit or pause any apps that might be using a lot of data, or turn off any devices you don’t need.

  2. If possible, use headphones and a microphone. Even using the earbuds that come with an iPhone is preferable to talking in a room.

  1. Try to be in a quiet environment if possible.

  2. We’ll ask you questions for a good 20 minutes, but only end up using a little bit! If possible, repeat the question, or give some context on your own. It’s ideal if we get you telling the stories in your own voice, and don’t have to use part of us asking the question!

If we cover any topics you can provide media for, let us know, we can send you a link to upload the files. We love having video or great photos to show during our discussion! Check out the Extrasfor examples.