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I’m Gritchelle Fallesgon and I shoot photos and sometimes video for Unpacking Coffee.

Working as a Photographer

Kandace: How did you get into photography?

Gritchelle: I started shooting photos as a kid. I always had some kind of point and shoot camera and would document everything around me. When I was 13 my mom got me an SLR film camera from a garage sale. Again, I photographed everything around me and would also set up little photo shoots with my friends. As a teenager, I always wanted to be a professional photographer but didn’t think I could make a “real” career out of it, so I became a graphic designer instead. To my luck, I got shoot photos for many of the companies/studios I was designing for. A couple years ago, I decided to pursue photography full time.

Currently Working On…

Kandace:  What are you doing now?

Gritchelle: I’m feeling pretty stoked that I get to ride bikes and shoot photos! I’ve been photographing bikepacking trips, lifestyle images and editorial portraits in the bike industry. It’s been so awesome to combine two of my passions together! Interestingly enough, there’s always a coffee scene in these shoots. Whether it’s making coffee at camp or shooting a lifestyle image of people riding their bikes to get coffee.

Tips for Starting Your Own Photography Business

Kandace: You’ve recently started your own business. What would you say to someone who is thinking of going out on their own?


  • Learn lighting.
  • Take some business classes and learn how to setup and run your business. There’s a whole lot to learn if you’ve never been on your own before!
  • Join a professional association like ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) or APA (American Photographic Artists). They provide helpful resources for photographers, from licensing, contracts and model releases to local events and discounts.

Working in Coffee

Huckleberry Coffee Cassettes on Yellow Background

Kandace:  Is there anything you learned about coffee from working on the show that surprised you?

Gritchelle: Learning about the entire coffee process has been eye opening. From sourcing beans, working with farmers and making sure they make a good living wage to the roasting process itself. It’s helped me understand why some coffees are better than others and why it’s worth paying a little extra for good coffee.

“On the Road” Coffee Setup

Kandace: What’s your “on the road” coffee routine?

Gritchelle: When I’m out bikepacking, I use a GSI Ultralight Java Drip to make pour over coffee. I love that it’s tiny and completely reusable (I don’t like dealing with disposable coffee filters when I’m out in the wilderness). The coffee itself is normally Juniors Roasters or something picked up at Barista and is grounded right before the trip. I know coffee snobs will wince at the thought of not freshly grinding your coffee in the morning but when I’m going off the grid, I don’t have room to be towing around a hand grinder, especially when I’m already packing a bunch of camera gear.

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All photos by Gritchelle Fallesgon.