And…We’re Back! (Just About)

We’ve to a big announcement: Season 03 of Unpacking Coffee is about to drop next week. Looking forward bringing you stories from new roasters throughout the world.

Who’s first, you ask? Check out our quick intro video to find out.

Big Hearted Coffee Folks

What have we been up to in the meantime? Once again, we teamed up with a dream team of coffee friends over the holidays to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Association.

Big Hearted Coffee Contributors

Unpacking Heart Coffee


This year’s Coffee Lover’s Dream Package included.

You can see last year’s bounty in our special, A Royal Holiday.

All in all, the benefit raised approximately 1.4 million dollars to bring joy to children with cancer. At that same benefit, we also picked up this sweet guitar. You can bet there will be a few coffee roaster melodies strummed on this beauty.

This Could Be You

We’re still on the lookout for a few new roasters to cover this season. If you’d like to be considered, get in touch. See you next week!