We are incredibly excited to be working together on the episode! Here’s an overview of what to expect.

  1. Send coffee
  2. Talk to us
  3. Share media
  4. We make the video
  5. Share

1. Coffee

You send 4 to 6 coffee bags. We’ll then take photos and video of the design. If you’d like to send more schwag (hats, stickers, mugs, etc) then we’ll definitely utilize them in photos and on camera.

Here are examples of photoshoots with bags and schwag.

2. Talk to Us

If you are going to be in Portland or Seattle anytime soon, we’d love to interview you in person. Otherwise, we interview via Skype (check out our tips for a great Skype call) or send you a list of questions and let you film your own answers.

3. Send Media

We love having media to showcase during the episodes. If you have any of the following, we’d love access.

  • Photos of your roastery or coffee shop
  • Material from the early days and founders
  • Video footage

4. We Make Show

We’ll create the show and give you a heads-up on air date. (Roasters see the finished product on the same day as the rest of the world.)

5. Share

Before the show goes live, we’ll send you a link to the URL as well as a handful of images you are welcome to use to promote.

Say Hello

These instructions are killer if you're already slotted to be on the show. Looking for a way in?