On the heels of a colorful packaging redesign, we chat with Linea's Andrew Barnett and longtime friend Scott Callender from La Marzocco.

Dapper & Wise

We chat with the local roaster, Dapper & Wise. We learn the meaning behind the name, take a deep dive into their philosophy on building relationships beyond the counter, and discuss their packaging refresh.

Focus: La Marzocco Roaster in Residence

Each month, we tell the story of the newest La Marzocco Café Roaster in Residence. This is a phenomenal group. Check out their stories...

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Dapper & Wise coffee and tumbler next to an amp

Episode 066:
Dapper & Wise

Illustrative background image with Seesaw's Melonhead coffee and coffee card information

Episode 065:
Seesaw Coffee

Episode 064:
Barista Parlor

Episode 063:
Stovetop Roasters

Episode 062:
The Coffee Collective

small white bag and tumbler

Episode 61:

trio of bags on stripes

Episode 60:
Recreational Coffee

awesome coffee schwag

Episode 59:
Thanksgiving Coffee Company

cheers with two draft lattes

Episode 58:
La Colombe

Episode 57:

Episode 056:
Upper Left Roasters

Episode 55:
George Howell

George Howell Coffee

Episode 054:
George Howell Coffee

Episode 053:
Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Episode 052:
Onyx Coffee Lab

Episode 51:
Junior’s Roasted Coffee

Season 03 About to Drop!

Episode 50:
Coffee Supreme

Interview with Talor & Jørgen

Episode 49:

AKA Coffee / OMG

Episode 48:
AKA Coffee

Episode 47:
Four Barrel Revisited

Interview with Andy & Laurel Sprenger

Episode 46:
Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Episode 45:
Groundwork Coffee

Episode 44:

Episode 43:
Mudhouse Coffee Roasters

Interview with Tim Wendelboe

Episode 42:
Tim Wendelboe

Episode 41:
Barkeater Coffee Roasters

Interview with Heart’s Wille & Rebekah Yli-Luoma

Episode 40:
Heart Coffee Roasters

Interview with Cat & Cloud’s Jared Truby and Chris Baca

Cat & Cloud Kenya Coffee

Episode 39:
Cat & Cloud

Forty Weight patches

Episode 38:
Forty Weight Coffee Roasters

Episode 37:
A Royal Holiday

Episode 36:
Pilot Coffee Roasters

Interview with Panther Coffee’s Joel & Leticia Pollock

Panther West Coast Espresso

Episode 35:
Panther Coffee

Interview with Writer/Curator Matt Wagner

Episode 34:
City of Saints

Interview with Intelligentsia’s Marcus Boni

Intelligentsia box and mug

Episode 33:

Cold Brew Recipe

Mod-Fashioned Recipe

Episode 32:
Modcup Coffee Co.

Interview with Counter Culture’s Erin McCarthy

Episode 31:
Counter Culture

Episode 30:
Ritual Coffee Roasters

Episode 29:
Truth Coffee Roasting

Episode 28:
Perc Coffee Roasters

Episode 27:
Lofted Coffee Roasters

Episode 26:
ReAnimator Coffee Roasters

Episode 25:
Caravan Coffee Roasters

Episode 24:
Radio Roasters

Episode 23:
Abracadabra Coffee Co.

Episode 22:
Coava Coffee Roasters

Episode 21:
Supercrown Coffee Roasters

Episode 20:
Ozo Coffee Company

Episode 19:
Starter Coffee

Episode 18:

Episode 17:
Trunk Coffee

Episode 16:
Four Barrel Coffee

Episode 15:
Olympia Coffee

Episode 14:
Modern Times

Episode 13:
Roseline Coffee

Episode 12:
The Barn Coffee Roasters Berlin

Episode 11:
Huckleberry Roasters

Episode 10:
Elm Coffee Roasters

Episode 09:
Linea Caffe

Episode 08:
Joe Coffee

Episode 07:
Compelling & Rich Coffee

Episode 06:
Cuvée Coffee

Episode 05:
La Colombe Coffee

Episode 04:
Pilot Coffee Roasters

Episode 03:
Parlor Coffee

Episode 02:
Cat & Cloud

Episode 01:
Ceremony Coffee